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Payroll Services

Without doubt, one of the most sensitive employee issues is payroll – specifically, being paid the right amount and being paid on time.

At Bridgehead we work closely with our clients to minimise the stress of running payroll. We devise and agree a calendar with clients which identifies the relevant cut off dates which are required to ensure that employees are paid the right amount, on time every pay day.

The data is collected electronically from clients and then processed to calculate relevant deductions for Tax, Social Security and any other withholdings to be applied. Summary information is then provided to the client to confirm that actual amounts to be paid and the timing that is required to transfer the funds.

For many clients, Bridgehead will collect one amount each month to cover the gross payroll including any additional costs and then distribute funds at the right time. Employees normally receive their net salary by direct electronic transfer into their personal bank account and settlement of Taxes and Social Security payments is made directly with the authorities. In this way, payroll becomes a single financial transaction per payroll run.

Alternatively, we are able to provide all the relevant data to enable clients to pay their own employees where this is their preference.

Most countries have varying filing requirements throughout the year and Bridgehead also provides a complete service in this respect.

As with all Bridgehead services, payroll becomes a straightforward regular function with a minimum of input being required from our clients.