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Our Organisation

We have been helping clients set up operations in the UK for more than 15 years. Over the years, many of our clients have expanded into Continental Europe. Many have had trouble getting the complete and professional solutions they have enjoyed from us. As a result, we have expanded our capabilities through partnerships in a number of Continental European countries which allows us to serve clients in Human Resources, Payroll, Employee Benefits, Company Formation, Accounting, Tax Services and other General Corporate Services.

Our single point of contact makes it easy to manage time zones and language barriers. We save our clients time and money by dealing reducing the amount of time they have to deal with multiple providers in a number of deferent countries.

All our clients are assigned an account manager based at one of our offices. The account manager is responsible for the overall management and coordination of services through our associates in the relevant countries.

Our clients benefit from excellent, personable and knowledgeable services provided by professional firms in their areas of expertise. They have been handpicked by us, ensuring they all comply with our minimum service standards. Our clients can experience all these benefits by dealing with a single point of contact at Bridgehead.