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Employee Benefits

Total remuneration packages vary greatly throughout Europe. In some countries, Social Security contributions are high because greater employee benefits are provided by the State. Where compulsory benefits are required, we will ensure that all statutory requirements are being complied with.

When it comes to voluntary benefits, we work closely with our clients to understand what level of benefits will be appropriate to incorporate ensuring alignment with their overall business strategy.

For some clients, their need is to keep benefits and costs to a minimum. Increasingly, more clients are opting to provide a comprehensive employee benefit programme to be able to recruit and retain talented employees.

Our account managers work with clients to understand their recruitment and retention plans and to identify what will be required to enable them to secure the best employees and to succeed in their businesses.

Employee benefit programmes will often include a range of benefits and our experience and knowledge will help ensure cost effectiveness and a good return on investment.

Benefits will often include the following:

• Retirement or Pension Plans
• Life Assurance
• Long Term Disability
• Private Medical Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Flex Benefits
• Salary Sacrifice
• Critical Illness
• Travel
• Child Care

Having determined the right programme for our client's business, we will ensure they are put in place and communicate to their employees. Poor communication has often been the cause of employees not appreciating the value of their total rewards package. We work hard to communicate the full value of these benefits making sure they are fully informed, building loyalty and appreciation between employees and the business.